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[software]SQL XG - http://www.avmdynamics.com/sql/index.htm
Using records selected from the source table, this program generates SQL scripts, which can be used to insert records into the target table, or to update or delete existing records. You can access a variety of ADO-compliant data sources, including MS-SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 UDB, Sybase, MS-Access and FoxPro. The source table and the target table can have different formats and structures. You can choose records and columns to include in the script, specify column maps from source tables to target...
Keywords: SQL XG; Business; Database; SQL; SQL XG
Downloads: 85
[software]SQL Uniform - http://www.sqluniform.com/
This is a general interface--a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, maintenance, data comparison and export. It supplies the databases with a suitable graphical user interface (GUI), helper applications possessing a wide range of functions and several platforms accessibility. It allows graphical table design, running SQL statements, export and comparison of data in a heterogeneous environment and offers many other useful services that help you to perform y...
Keywords: SQL Uniform; Business; Database; SQL; SQL Uniform
Downloads: 49
[software]SQL Editor - http://www.sqleditor.com
This is an explorer tool for MS SQL Server databases, combining the familiar tree-style hierarchy with a color-coded SQL source editor. There's a text search, a name-like search and a date search. Once you've found the objects you're interested in, use the find/replace features or just edit the code manually. The code can be displayed with color-coding, even for SQL 6.5 databases. You can easily script all your recently-changed objects...
Keywords: SQL Editor; Business; Database; SQL; sql; editor
Downloads: 131
[software]SSW SQL Deploy - http://www.ssw.com.au
This program automatically performs database updates as a part of your application deployment. When you distribute a new version of your application to your clients using SQL Deploy, it automatically applies any pending SQL scripts and database updates. It can be used directly via its user interface or called from your application. It can be used with SQL Server, MSDE, .NET Windows forms, ASP.NET Web pages, ASP, and Access applications.
Keywords: SSW SQL Deploy; Business; Database; SQL; SSW SQL Deploy
Downloads: 48
[software]AlligatorSQL - http://www.alligatorsql.com
This product offers a professional way to manage all stored objects in an Oracle 8i, MySQL, Interbase or Birdstep RDM database. You can debug or profile your PL/SQL code and open every supported database at the same time.
Keywords: AlligatorSQL; Business; Database; SQL; alligatorsql; sql; alligator; alligator sql
Downloads: 42
[software]Superior SQL Builder - http://www.superiorsql.com
This allows you to visually build complete SQL scripts. Build complex scripts without typing any SQL. It supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Access.
Keywords: Superior SQL Builder; Business; Database; SQL; Superior SQL Builder
Downloads: 101
[software]Orbital's SQL Decryptor - http://decryptor.orbitaltechnologies.org
This program decrypts SQL triggers, views, stored procedures and user-defined functions in an Enterprise Manager-like graphical interface. It decrypt items in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000 and MSDE. It facilitates easy viewing of decrypted code with T-SQL syntax highlighting and multiple format exportation.
Keywords: Orbital's SQL Decryptor; Business; Database; SQL; Orbital's SQL Decryptor
Downloads: 166
[software]PL/SQL Developer - http://www.allroundautomations.com
This is an integrated development environment for Oracle PL/SQL stored-program units like packages, triggers and types. Tools include a query builder, import, export, compare, session information, an event monitor, database search and a compiler for invalid objects.
Keywords: PL/SQL Developer; Business; Database; SQL; pl sql developer
Downloads: 485
[software]SQLConsole - http://www.sqlconsole.com/
This program creates SQL queries using drag-and-drop Visual Query Builder for every database (ODBC). It offers full support for correlated subqueries, totally configurable SQL functions and target mapped function drag-and-drop operations. SQL editors are context sensitive providing auto-complete of SQL keywords and table or view columns. This program provides the end user with a fully integrated set of development tools for data manipulation and data definition...
Keywords: SQLConsole; Business; Database; SQL; sqlconsole; sql console
Downloads: 93
[software]MySQL - http://www.mysql.com/
MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded relational database management system that uses the popular structured querying language.
Keywords: MySQL; Business; Database; SQL; mysql; my; sql
Downloads: 123
[software]JoyJoin - SQL TRANSLATION HELPER - http://www.joyjoin.com
This tool translates Oracle SQL statements into non-Oracle RDBMS statements. As an example, this translates "select a.f1,b.f2 from table1 a , table2 b where a.f1 = b.f1(+)" to "select a.f1,b.f2 from table1 a left join table2 b on a.f1 = b.f1." It can also convert Oracle-specific functions to RDBMS functions, in accordance with user settings. It can delete "from" clauses when the referenced table is "dual," and it handles the conversion of "rownum
Keywords: JoyJoin - SQL TRANSLATION HELPER; Business; Database; SQL; joy join
Downloads: 63
[software]AdeptSQL Workshop - http://www.adeptsql.com
This tool for professional MS SQL developers smoothly integrates an SQL-oriented text editor, macro preprocessor and DDL compilation into internal schema model. It also offers schema synchronization, a schema decompiler, SQL debugger, and MS Visual SourceSafe support. A unique schema-matching engine generates the minimal non-destructive SQL for any schema changes you do in the source scripts, providing for easy schema synchronization...
Keywords: AdeptSQL Workshop; Business; Database; SQL; adept; sql; workshop
Downloads: 51
[software]SQL Query - http://www.teratrax.com/sql_query/
This SQL editor features syntax highlighting, parameter hinting and code completion. Create and execute queries and batches against all versions of SQL Server and MSDE including SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express. Reference function parameters with built in Parameter Hinting. Navigate multiple recordsets with the Recordsets pane. Save query results as XML, HTML, and CSV. Whole scrip or selected statements execution with batch counters.
Keywords: SQL Query; Business; Database; Database tools; SQL Query
Downloads: 155
[software]Visual SQL-Designer - http://www.visualsoftru.com/sqldesigner.asp
This is a program for visually constructing hard SQL-queries for any database. It supports multiple systems simultaneously. You can also create queries with calculated fields. Visual SQL-Designer includes OLAP functionality. You can also analyze external cube files and create your own cube files from various database sources.
Keywords: Visual SQL-Designer; Business; Database; Database tools; Visual SQL-Designer
Downloads: 103
[software]SQL Delta - http://www.sqldelta.com
This program compares two Microsoft SQL databases for differences in tables, views, stored procedures and other structure level items. Comparisons can be done between Microsoft SQL Server 7 and 2000. You can synchronize the structures of two databases, and preview and copy the scripts. You can also execute scripts from SQL Delta.
Keywords: SQL Delta; Business; Database; Database tools; SQL Delta
Downloads: 43
[software]SQLXP - http://www.sqlxp.com
This lets you connect to and explore any type of database by double-clicking objects in the browser window. Syntax highlighting, table code completion, views, procedures, fields and parameters are supported. You can develop reusable SQL statements with parameters; then store your SQL in the repository for later recall. View columns, keys, indexes and data, and generate SQL statements from the database...
Keywords: SQLXP; Business; Database; SQL; SQLXP
Downloads: 38
[software]DBExplorer - http://www.slik.co.nz/extreme.htm
This database utility lets you compare any two databases and report the structural and data differences between them. It then enables you to synchronize the differences. The program supports any OLE or ODBC-compliant database. It provides a built-in reporting tool and an export-to-file feature so you can document the database schema and records. An SQL query wizard lets you select particular columns and filter specific records...
Keywords: DBExplorer; Business; Database; SQL; DBExplorer
Downloads: 36
[software]urSQL - http://www.urbanresearch.com/ursql
This SQL query tool has customizable syntax highlighting. You can submit queries to MySQL, MS-SQL and MS-Access. You can also view MS-SQL stored procedures, create stored procedure exec skeletons, view table structures, search for columns and search for procedures.
Keywords: urSQL; Business; Database; SQL; urSQL
Downloads: 61
[software]SQLyog - http://www.webyog.com/sqlyog/index.php
This GUI tool manages your MySQL database from anywhere in the world. Apart from the regular administrative features like backup and restore, and object management, this program supports database synchronization, notification services, ODBC import and structure synchronization.
Keywords: SQLyog; Business; Database; SQL; SQLyog
Downloads: 164
[software]MSSQLRecovery - http://www.officerecovery.com/mssql?submit
This program recovers corrupted Microsoft SQL Server database files. It creates an SQL script that re-creates the database from the scratch. It recovers corrupted tables, views, stored procedures and triggers. Both standard and user-defined data recovery is supported. It also repairs damaged primary keys, unique key, indexes and foreign keys. Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 are supported.
Keywords: MSSQLRecovery; Business; Database; SQL; MSSQLRecovery
Downloads: 52
[software]SQLCreator - http://www.snefru.com
This multi-database SQL query and development tool supports data sources including Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC. You can have multiple concurrent connections and editors, and the program features syntax highlighting, code formatting and code completion. A tree view of each connection details database objects and table searches can be performed.
Keywords: SQLCreator; Business; Database; SQL; SQLCreator
Downloads: 121
[software]DaFT - http://sourceforge.net/projects/daft/
DaFT (Database Fishing Tool) is a program to query, browse or explore databases that can be connected by an ODBC driver. The front-end shows a database catalog (tables and views), columns and a snapshot of the selected object. In order to retrieve or manipulate data, SQL statements can be executed within the SQL editor.
Keywords: DaFT; Business; Database; SQL; DaFT
Downloads: 38
[software]RAMSuite OraBuilder - http://www.ramsuite.com
This program includes a code editor, keyword highlighting, code templates, multiple pull-down lists, text transformation and automatic keyword substitution. It is possible to export from spreadsheets to MS Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, DBF and as a list of SQL insert commands.
Keywords: RAMSuite OraBuilder; Business; Database; SQL; RAMSuite OraBuilder
Downloads: 122
[software]SQLInserts - http://www.lockwoodtech.com/index_ai.htm
This program creates insert scripts from any Microsoft SQL Server 7 or 2,000 database. The insert scripts can be archived, e-mailed, checked into source control or run against another database. It handles identity fields and can auto-sequence the scripting order of tables to avoid referential integrity violations, even when reloading an entire database.
Keywords: SQLInserts; Business; Database; SQL; Auto Inserts
Downloads: 89
[software]SQLAudit - http://www.lockwoodtech.com/index_aa.htm
This program generates server-side triggers that automatically capture audit data from every update, insert or delete that occurs on every field that you choose to track. Online reporting and real-time, Web-based SQL Audit Trail tracking are supported. This is both configurable and scriptable and ships with the power of Microsoft VBScript and JScript parser.
Keywords: SQLAudit; Business; Database; SQL; AutoAudit; Auto Audit
Downloads: 42
[software]DB-Tool - http://www.dbtool.de
This program converts databases from Access to MySQL, MySQL to Access, MySQL to MySQL and Access to Access. You can edit data online or offline, and view and edit images from BLOB fields with the internal image viewer. You can also create different server profiles for simple connection to different servers.
Keywords: DB-Tool; Business; Database; SQL; DB-Tool
Downloads: 51
[software]MyBAK MySQL Backups - http://www.wjc.biz/mysql_backup_software/17/index.html
This program remotely backs up your MySQL databases on a regular basis.
Keywords: MyBAK MySQL Backups; Business; Database; SQL; MyBAK
Downloads: 83
[software]MySQL Tools - http://www.mysqltools.com
This is a family of products that meet most requirements of developers and database administrators. With these products you can develop databases, manage servers, debug applications and process and export data.
Keywords: MySQL Tools; Business; Database; SQL; MySQL Tools
Downloads: 59
[software]MySQL Maestro - http://www.mysqlmaestro.com/products/maestro/
This is a Windows GUI solution for MySQL server administration and database management. It supports all of the latest versions of MySQL, including MySQL 4.1/5.0.
Keywords: MySQL Maestro; Business; Database; SQL; MySQL Maestro
Downloads: 57
[software]MSDE Manager - http://www.valesoftware.com
This MSDE and SQL manager allows you to perform all of the common operations for MSDE and SQL deployment. It has a transact SQL screen and automatic Web updating to keep users on the most recent version. You can add, edit and delete databases, tables, views, users, roles, rules, stored procedures, defaults, user-defined data types and functions. The table designer allows you to add, edit, delete, cut, copy and paste columns...
Keywords: MSDE Manager; Business; Database; SQL; MSDE Manager
Downloads: 217
[software]Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools - http://www.aglowsoft.com
This program includes three database tools--Aglowsoft Schema Tool, Aglowsoft Designer and Aglowsoft Browser. The tools are designed to allow you to build SQL queries with basic knowledge of SQL. Result sets from SQL queries are presented in a combination form of tree views and table views. Tree views can be printed and table views can be exported to HTML files. A main feature of Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools is the ability to build SQL queries in the form of view definition tree, where a path in the...
Keywords: Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools; Business; Database; Database tools; Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools
Downloads: 87
[software]EMS MySQL Manager Professional for Windows - http://www.ems-hitech.com
This program provides tools for MySQL Server administration and object management. The GUI allows you to create and edit all MySQL database objects, design databases visually, run SQL scripts, manage users and privileges, visually build SQL queries, extract, print and search meta data, and create database structure reports in HTML format.
Keywords: EMS MySQL Manager Professional for Windows; Business; Database; SQL; E M S My SQL Manager
Downloads: 97
[software]SQLPortal Professional - http://www.sqlportal.nl/homemf.asp?Tekst=producten%20sqlportal
This allows you to incorporate information from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access databases into your Microsoft Word documents. End users can create their own letters, contracts, reports and mailings containing data from the database. Simply add database fields and database queries to Word documents.
Downloads: 80
[software]Regular Expressions for MS SQL server - http://www.miningtools.net/regexp/index.htm
This program allows you to search, replace, format and extract text data inside a string. You can search for whole words or find a match with some pattern. The program then locates, counts and extracts all the occurrences from the searched string.
Keywords: Regular Expressions for MS SQL server; Business; Database; SQL; Regular Expressions
Downloads: 290
[software]SP Manager for SQL Server - http://www.dotcosoftware.com
This drag-and drop enabled query builder allows you to create complex stored procedures without SQL coding. It also creates the required ASP or Visual Basic data connection source code, which can be copied and pasted directly into applications. The program includes an interface for viewing table data, stored procedures and views.
Keywords: SP Manager for SQL Server; Business; Database; Database tools; SP Manager for SQL Server; SP Manager
Downloads: 51
[software]SQL*XL - http://www.oraxcel.com
This tool provides a bridge between Excel and external databases. It supports Oracle connections as native and requires the SQL*XL ADO software to connect to other database types. SQL is taken from a dialog box, spreadsheet or file. The data is put in the spreadsheet anywhere you want. A spreadsheet full of data can be inserted with a single click. When constraints are violated you are prompted with a database error message...
Keywords: SQL*XL; Business; MS-Office add-ons; MS-Excel; sqlxl; sql; xl
Downloads: 377
[software]ISQL for PostgreSQL - http://www.microolap.com/products/dba/pgisql.htm
This is a database administration solution for managing PostgreSQL databases. Build SQL queries using the SQL editor with syntax highlighting and query history features. You can also build SQL queries using Visual QueryBuilder, automate routine tasks such as extracting database objects and backing up databases using ISQL for PostgreSQL in command line mode, and export resultsets in various data formats.
Keywords: ISQL for PostgreSQL; Business; Database; SQL; ISQL for PostgreSQL
Downloads: 32
[software]Softinabox Script Engine - http://go.to/softinabox/
This tool lets you document existing database structures and data by generating an SQL script. It contains descriptions of statements used to create a database, its objects and its data. You can generate a script from existing database objects and add them to another database. The schema of the following objects can be generated and saved as a script: Tables
Keywords: Softinabox Script Engine; Business; Database; SQL; softinabox; script; engine
Downloads: 21
[software]LockwoodTech SQLDiff - http://www.lockwoodtech.com/index_sqldiff.htm
This is a server-based database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views or users between two Microsoft SQL Servers. You will be able to visually observe the differences in the object's script shown side by side. SQL Diff also allows you to programmatically merge the databases based on the differential analysis. It also supports data differences.
Keywords: LockwoodTech SQLDiff; Business; Database; SQL; LockwoodTech SQLDiff; LockwoodTech; SQLDiff
Downloads: 72
[software]Firebird - Relational Database - http://firebird.sourceforge.net/index.php?op=files
This program provides a server process and client process, and all SQL requests are handled via the server using a socket. The super server makes use of lightweight theads to process the requests.
Keywords: Firebird - Relational Database; Business; Database; SQL; firebird; relational; database
Downloads: 101
[software]Access-to-MySQL - http://www.convert-in.com
Convert your Microsoft Access databases to UNIX and Windows MySQL servers. The interface is wizard-style, making the conversion easy.
Keywords: Access-to-MySQL; Business; Database; SQL; convert; sql; access; translate; database; conversion; mysql; server; move; converter; data; translator; format
Downloads: 63
[software]MyCon Professional MySQL GUI - http://www.scibit.com/products/mycon
This SQL database software includes multiple connection support for MySQL 3.x to 5.x, embedded MySQL support, tabular and card grids for data editing, report designers, report, backup and script task scheduling and stored procedures.
Keywords: MyCon Professional MySQL GUI; Business; Database; SQL; MyCon Professional for MySQL
Downloads: 38
[software]AdeptSQL Diff - http://www.adeptsql.com
This tool allows you to visually compare and synchronize two MS-SQL server databases. It scans both databases and displays the schema tree view, with all differences color-marked. Navigating through the tree, you can see SQL definitions for individual objects side by side, and produce difference scripts for any chosen part. You can also produce scripts for the whole schema. You can set breakpoints, turn on transactions and roll back on errors.
Keywords: AdeptSQL Diff; Business; Database; Database tools; DATABASE; SCHEMA; DATA; DBA; COMPARE; DIFFERENCE; SCRIPT; MSSQL; METADATA; SQL; AdeptSQL Diff
Downloads: 25
[software]Navicat (MySQL Client) for Windows - http://www.navicat.com
This is a MySQL database management and development tool, which can convert Excel spreadsheets, MS Access and other data formats to MySQL databases. It includes Unicode support, scheduled backups, data transfer, an import and export wizard, foreign key support, visual query builder, and visual report builder. It uses a Microsoft Access-like interface and comes with a comprehensive manual that will help you to get started...
Keywords: Navicat (MySQL Client) for Windows; Business; Database; SQL; MYSQL; FILEMAKER; EXCEL; ACCESS; DATABASE; ACCESS MANAGER; MANAGEMENT; SERVER; PremiumSoft MySQL Studio
Downloads: 427
[software]TeemWork - http://www.TeemWork.com
This is a database driven multi user business application. It offers contact management with call history and follow-ups as well as time sheets, human resources, document management and accounting capabilities.
Downloads: 109
[software]Iron Speed Designer - http://www.ironspeed.com
This program builds online database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation, and role-based security. The application layer provides an extended class hierarchy, derived from the .NET base classes, that allows any customization and modification. All of the generated source code is accessible...
Keywords: Iron Speed Designer; Internet; Web building tools; Development; ASP; ASP.NET; DEVELOPMENT; APPLICATION; CODE; SQL; DATABASE; XML EDITOR; iron; speed; designer; ironspeed
Downloads: 109
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